We are believers in creating trips that are filled with adventure, cultural immersion, new experiences, and exploration into the unknown.


As adventurers ourselves, we are passionate about travel and we understand the desire to leave everything behind – be it for a day, a month, or even a year – to be part of something amazing and unique. We have been helping our fellow travellers achieve their dreams since 2005, and in this time we have expanded our tours to reach beautiful, exciting, and off-the-beaten-path destinations all over the world.

Making things easy for the solo traveller has always been a big part of our mission, with an emphasis on flexibility and freedom. We understand that plans can change, and that our travellers want to be involved in the personalisation of their itineraries. This is why we have developed a range of products that could suit any traveller, from tailor-made packages to independent and group adventures.

Bamba allows you to travel stress-free with our expert staff and dedicated customer service, giving you the security and confidence to push your limits and go where you’ve never been before.

We want you to have a unique experience and visit places not everyone gets to see or enjoy. This spirit of adventure is embodied by our Authentic Group Adventures more than any other kind of trip. There is no better feeling than getting lost in the culture and beauty of a new country, all the while making great new friends and long-lasting memories along the way.