Depending on the route or activity, you may be travelling by bus, boat, train, airplane, shuttle van, bicycle, canoe or even on foot… (you get the idea). On the trip of a lifetime, you may find yourself sitting next to a local on a public bus or riding in an air-con shuttle, bumping along in a motorised canoe or going by foot… the possibilities are endless! Whatever the mode of transportation, getting from one point to the next will surely be a memorable experience.

Every trip offers unique included experiences so you can live unforgettable memories along the way. We strive to offer tons of local experiences, cultural tours, activities in nature and of course historic tours too. Take a bike ride in Bangkok, walk through a favela in Rio de Janeiro, dance salsa in Havana, ride a camel in Pushkar, snorkel with rays and sharks in Belize… just a few examples of the fun things you’ll do! (Occasionally, you will need to pay for the entrance fees or lunch in cash locally during your activity.)

For Adventure Trips, accommodation is included for most of our multi-day options. Sometimes the only accommodation option available will be camping or in a shared twin room, while other times you can choose from a hostel dorm to a 3-star or 4-star hotel.

Please remember to email us at least 2 weeks in advance so we can send you a complete confirmation email with a detailed itinerary and all of your trip details.

Depending on the region you will be travelling in, please find the corresponding email to contact:

North, Central and South America: go@bambabus.com
Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe: gobamba@bambabus.com

All of our adventures are organised trips with set itineraries and a fixed trip length to which changes cannot be made once purchased (after purchase changes are subject to additional costs). These trips are great for people on a tight schedule who want to have everything pre-booked in advance.

However, before booking you may make changes to any adventure by contacting our expert team for a Tailor Made quote. Simply fill out our Tailor Made Trip Form and we will create the trip of your dreams with a customised itinerary, activities, lodging, and transportation options just for you.

We will send you a complete confirmation email a few days prior to departure with a detailed itinerary and all of your trip details so you will know if you need to make your own way to a meeting point, go directly to the bus station or wait at your hotel for your pick-up.